Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss USA - And the Winner is...

My partner and I were having a nice meal at Lucky's Cafe in Dallas last night.  Lucky's is a Dallas institution and serves great food for all tastes.  One of the annoying things about the cafe is the ubiquitous TV screens.  It seems that today you cannot go anywhere without seeing television, and in most cases, more than one channel at a time.

One screen was playing a baseball game and the other, since this is the gayborhood, had the Miss USA Pageant.

My partner and I had a close encounter with this event a few years back when we stumbled into the press conference in front of the then, Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  The hotel is not Planet Hollywood, but the pageant still resides in the massive performing arts theater in that venue.

As we casually watched the proceedings we took bets on who would be Miss USA.  It was a toss up between Miss Oklahoma and Miss Michigan.  Seems we were spot on, and Miss Michigan won the title.  \

We were too far from the set to see the names of the contestants and the sound was thankfully off, so all we saw was perfectly coiffed young impossibly pretty women competing and answering what I feel sure were softball questions. 

Imagine our surprise today when the right wing noise machine begins complaining about Miss Michigan winning the contest.  Why?  Because her family is of Arab descent!  Turns out she was raised in a dual faith family and attended a Catholic High School.  OMG!  That is just too much diversity for the right wing media.

These insane people see any diversity as something imposed from some sort of liberal/PC agenda.  I guess they can't understand that  the large Arab American population of Michigan might lead to at least a few entrants being of Arab heritage? 

OK lets call it what it is, bigotry.  FOX and Beck and the rest of these talking heads are pretty much bigots wrapped in American flags and pretending to be news reporters.  Enough already!  Let the pretty girl have her title and save the world, or whatever Miss USA's do.

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tony said...

I also heard that Miss Oklahoma's question/answer had something to do with her support of that crazy-assed bill in Arizona. gotta love it.