Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malawi - Gay Couple Goes to Prison for 14 Years Because of Love

File this under the category of places you don't want to visit!

Malawi, the tiny land locked nation that borders Zambis, Mozambique and Tanzania has struck a blow for homophobia by convicting two men for gross indecency and unnatural acts...in other words being gay.

According to a BBC article, the couple faces 14 years in prison for celebrating their engagement ahead of a wedding planned for 2010.

For a country with the motto "Unity and Freedom" it seems that only unity of heterosexuals and freedom only if you are straight.  Perhaps they should rethink that motto?

Malawi is one of the most populated and poorest countries in Africa.  Right now 40% of the country's development budget depends on donors, therefore the government there would be more likely to listen to international concerns about this matter.  Human rights in Malawi are abysmal for LGBT people, please write your congressperson and let them know you oppose further aid to this country is it does not reform it's anti-LGBT laws.

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