Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recent Oak Lawn Robbery Not A Hate Crime and Other Lies!

OK folks, if you don't like reading my stuff when I am on my soapbox, leave now. 

Friday night two men walking down Throckmorton Street toward the bars were attacked and savagely beaten with baseball bats by thugs screaming anti-gay epithets.  Now our esteemed police force decided that since the victims were robbed of their wallets, it was just a simple robbery and assault and not a hate crime. 

Excuse me?  This is what used to be called back in the bad old days "rolling queers" and even though  there was a robbery involved it is about as clear a hate crime as you can find.  Apparently our police cannot or will not protect the LGBT community and refuses to understand that calling people who you are beating into unconsciousness with a baseball bat, "faggot" is hate speech. 

I guess the LGBT community is going to have to start protecting ourselves, because the police do not take seriously this kid of crime.  Sad day for Dallas and even sadder for the LGBT community who has seen a rise in these kinds of attacks recently.

I recall the 1970's and 80's when a group of trained gay men and lesbians donned pink berets and patrolled the gayborhood.  They carried radios and whistles as well as cans of mace for protection.  Most knew self defense moves and were not itching for a fight, but their presence deterred a lot of crime.  The Dallas Gay Alliance handed out whistles to people at bars and clubs and we became vigilant.  The attacks diminished and he police took notice of our actions and increased patrols in the area.

Well I am willing to take a few shifts and I have a very nice uniform that could look even snazzier with a pink beret.  With the advent of cell phones it should be easier to stay in touch and I believe pepper spray works even better than Mace. 

Anyone with me on this?

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