Monday, October 13, 2008

Man Behind Those Crazy Emails - "Secret Muslim, etc."

So if you get the same number of crazy emails as I do, this might help. Most of mine are forwarded to me by friends who want to know if it's true. Is Obama a "secret Muslim"?

Well I get tired of answering them but finally I have the definitive answer from the New York Times about the man who started it all, Andy Martin. Here's a sample from the piece that details his history and his other writings.
An examination of legal documents and election filings, along with interviews with his acquaintances, revealed Mr. Martin, 62, to be a man with a history of scintillating if not always factual claims. He has left a trail of animosity — some of it provoked by anti-Jewish comments — among political leaders, lawyers and judges in three states over more than 30 years.
So read the article and tell your friends to stop circulating his crap. It's a pack of baseless lies and it needs to stop. Muslims are not the problem, there are Muslim Americans as well as Christian, Jewish and Hindu Americans. Religion is not a problem, but lies are.

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