Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reality Check: Time For Hillary To Bow Out!

The kinds of attacks that have been coming from the Clinton camp are more what I would expect from McCain. Her insistence on running a mud-slinging-old-school-style campaign really expose the Democratic party to a real threat.

Though Hillary has proven herself as a trench warfare fighter, she has also succeeded in causing a lot of potential voters to step back to the sidelines. These voters who were at first attracted to eiher her or Obama as a viable alternative to the GOP candidate are now considering if this might not turn into another “lesser of two evils” race that is more typical politics as usual.

Obama continues to try to remain above the fray, but at some point he will be dragged into it if the campaign continues going the way it is. Hillary cannot win without some sort of Deus Ex Machina . That would be the seating of the delegates from Michigan and Florida, breaking all the Democratic rules and angering the other 48 states, or a back room deal with the super-delegates to overturn the popular vote.

Either way it would leave all of the Obama supporters with more than a little bitter aftertaste and the remaining undecided voters with a healthy dose of cynicism. Hillary would be left with her core supporters and little else. The huge African-American turnout as well as what is being categorized as the “wealthy white” vote might decide to stay home and that would put John McCain in the White House.

This year is one for the Democrats to lose. American’s are fed up with the GOP and especially the Bush administration. It could not be a better year for a Democratic victory and yet that may not happen. If Hillary refuses to see the futility of her campaign and carries the fight all the way to the convention, I fear the ensuing chaos will snatch an all but certain Democratic victory from the party.

That scenario would be bad for the party and bad for the country. McCain is yet another tool of the big corporations and will continue the Bush doctrine of spending and tax cuts that will bankrupt the country.

It’s time the Democratic leadership did what it would have done for any other candidate had her name not been Clinton. Tell her it is time to quit for the good of the party.

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