Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gas Will Hit $4.00 Per Gallon In Dallas In 2 Weeks

I heard an interesting tidbit today. A friend of mine in church told me he was speaking with an acquaintance who worked for a local gas/convenience store franchise. They had just gotten new training on how to deal with irate customers who will undoubtedly crop up when gas reaches $4.00 per gallon in the next 2 weeks.

Right now it’s at $3.55 a gallon. That means they are planning to raise it almost 50 cents in the next two weeks. And President Bush says there is no recession? Consider also that Exxon-Mobil posted the largest profits for any company ever! Something is very wrong here when energy companies carefully plan for a massive hike even as they are rolling in dough.

Sure am glad at least one of our cars is a Prius!

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