Wednesday, April 23, 2008

McCain's Tax Cut Proposal - Bad News For Poor & Middle Class

While all the hubbub has been over the Obama-Clinton race, John McCain has been busy, too. He has been proposing an economic program that sounds like it came from the Bush playbook. Cut taxes!

He proposed to pay for these tax cuts by cutting spending but with a $300 billion tax cut that will require a LOT of spending cuts and so far McCain has been silent on where the money would come from. It is a safe bet it won’t be coming from cuts in military budgets. Most likely it will come from social programs and welfare monies.

In other words, McCain may balance the budget on the backs of the poorest Americans. That means Pell Grants will dwindle, Head Start will cut money and jobs, WIC will be underfunded and more. Not a good start for a “maverick”.

McCain seems to be playing to the rich base that has always supported the GOP and he is turning his back on the middle class and the poor. The Straight Talk Express needs to do a little more talking to explain this one.

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