Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dying For Lack Of Health Insurance

Once again I am struck at how bad or health care system is in this country. Take the story of Mark Windsor. He’s a self-employed photographer who at 52 has now been living with bone cancer for 25 years. Because he didn’t have insurance, he could not get treatment for the condition that is treatable if caught soon enough. Instead he is slowly dying and getting whatever treatment he can afford or get for free.

If he were poor he could have gotten treatment through Medicaid, but because he make $30,000 is too much to qualify he is screwed. He has sought surgeons to help for free, and a couple have responded. But it’s now too little too late.

Read the full story on and consider how incredibly flawed our health care system is. It’s way past time for a change!

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Canada life insurance said...

Sad story. Bad what's the "lack" of insurance? How much insurance is enough? Problem is, that in society is not enough resources to provide maximal health care to everybody. And how to divide those funds, how to share the expenses? It's not so easy to create such system. I am dealing Life insurance in Canada and we have optional health insurance as well. Here is public insurance covering about 70% of expenses. It seems the system is working, on the other hand waiting periods for some treatments are unbelievbly long...