Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gay Kiss On CBS Soap Opera - Finally!

Finally Luke and Noah on the soap opera As The World Turns locked lips! CBS has taken a lot of flack for not showing them kiss in previous episodes, but Wednesday the smooched and daytime TV will never be the same.

My criticism is that they didn't seem like very good kissers. No tongues! Oh well.


BruciferTX said...

I looked at several of the youtube clips on this topic, and it seems they've had several kiss scenes. Now, I suppose it's possible they were only shown on you tube, and edited from the broadcast show, but I did see several different kiss scenes. But my favorite was when Luke was telling his friend or brother Ryan (I think) about the first time he thought Noah had feelings for him.

nukefan said...

I know some don't like this coupling but I'm a hug Nuke fan! Thanks for posting this video. I also found a few more on YouTube but this one's the best!