Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hillary Gets Endorsement In The Form Of A Gay Slur

Hillary has been using “Swift Boat” tactics against Obama and now Hillary gets an endorsement from North Carolina Governor Easley wrapped in a gay slur! What kind of candidate is she? Easley seems to think she makes “Rocky Balboa look like a pansy”. Why not just come out and say “faggot”? Strange bedfellows she has endorsing her.

If she doesn’t stop her flailing at Obama, the Clinton camp is single handedly trying to give McCain the presidency. Today on Fox News, in an interview with Bill O’Riley, Hillary jumped back into the Reverend Wright thing again. She is really trying her best to create as many controversies around Obama as she can, even when they are non-issues. The tactic may make her the “lesser of two evils” candidate in a match up with McCain, but it’s exposing her as an old school politician who plays the Washington game for blood. That is exactly what this country doesn’t need. We’ve had many years of that crap and it’s time for real change.

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