Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McCain Has Affiar Vs. Wacko Preacher!

So let me get this straight. McCain is alleged to have and affair with a hot female lobbyist and the press gives him a pass. Obama’s pastor starts rattling like a teapot and it’s the story that won’t go away. Just how does that mean the press has a liberal bias?

Reverend Wright is certainly fun to watch and makes a great sound bite, but he has absolutely no bearing on the real issues of the campaign. Meanwhile, John McCain has been making statements that directly contradict statements he made previously about the war, taxes, campaign financing and that is just not so interesting.

Over in the Hillary camp, they are chortling at having pushed the YouTube clip of Wright and ignighting the whole thing, while she continues to insist on special treatment in regard to the Michigan and Florida delegates. Hillary lies about her experiences on the tarmac in Bosnia and it dies in a day or two. It just makes me wonder.

Not to be cynical or anything, but I have to wonder if he politics as usual crowd is systematically trying to pull the Democratic party back into the smoke filled room. After all, so many new voters have cast ballots for Democrats recently, it must be upsetting for the party old guard who still want to control everything and reinstate a Clinton dynasty. My hope is that their old school tactics won’t alienate all the healthy new blood that Obama has attracted to the party.

As for the press. Well they will always take the easy route. A story about a wild eyed ranting pastor is much easier to do than something requiring real investigative reporting. Unfortunately the press in this country has become a lapdog for PR agents. Press releases become uncontested stories and research is something there is just no time for in the 24 hour news cycle. Ben Franklin must be rolling in the grave!

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John Coby said...

You need to grow a pair. This is politics. Buck up and start fighting.