Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush Speaks Yet Says Nothing

I keep hearing “lalalalalala” when I listen to Bush speak. His news conference today in the Rose Garden showed how little he cares for the American people. His proposals to help lower gas prices are laughable and too little too late. Drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge will have absolutely no effect on the oil situation today and it will take 10 years before a drop of that oil reaches the market.

His administration and his presidency has lost the confidence of the American people. At a time when the economy is going south really quickly, he hums and haws and refuses to see the recession that has overtaken the country.

Someone needs to sit him down and explain to him that he has no allies anymore and he needs to just go away! I sometimes wish we had the British system where once confidence fails there is an election and a new government. In our case that might be every few weeks at this rate.

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