Monday, March 17, 2008

Strolling Through Baghdad With Cheney & McCain

So Cheney and McCain are once again “strolling” around Baghdad creating photo-ops that are designed to make us suckers here in the US that things are going according to plan in Iraq. That leads me to question just what that plan was?

Dick Cheney persists in his affirmation that Iraq and Al Qaida were somehow in cahoots, despite the Pentagon reports that in the past 5 years they can find no evidence of it. Cheney said i9n a press conference today in Iraq that while there was no “operational link” there was still a link. His parsing of words sounds like a legal defense maneuver rather than something I would expect from a Vice President of the United States. Perhaps Cheney is expecting to be prosecuted for his crimes at some time in the future and is trying to build a defense?

Meanwhile in the real Iraq, a suicide bomber in Karbala killed 39 people and wounded 54 and an unconfirmed rocket attack was made on the Green Zone. Now that’s progress?

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