Friday, March 21, 2008

More On Poisoned Chinese Drugs

More on that Chinese contaminated Heparin that Baxter has been pedaling under their brand. Turns out it may be contaminated with a counterfeit ingredient used to make the compound cheaper. Like the Melamine contaminated pet food, the Chinese factories have found that they can add various cheap additives and still squeak past the poor quality control measures US firms have in place. With no FDA regulation or at the best very little, these firms have been getting away with cheating us for quite a while.

I have often wondered when US firms will realize that buying cheap goods from China carries a hidden cost, and that is fraud. The Chinese have regulations on paper but none in practice. Their capitalism rum amok economy is being built on a fast buck and at our expense. Until we start demanding that they actually deliver what they promise, or begin making things back here where there are a few regulations still working, the US consumer will be victim to the tainted products and outright counterfeits being foisted off on us.

It’s time to stop the flow of poor and sometimes downright poisonous Chinese goods into our country.

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