Monday, March 17, 2008

Clinton Trying To Derail Texas Delegate Selection

If you ever needed proof that Hillary Clinton is just one more of the same “Washington As Usual” crowd, consider this. She is considering suing the State of Texas to postpone the Senatorial District Conventions to select delegates. Her lawyers are wanting to reconfirm that all the delegates on March 4 were valid before continuing to the March 29 convention.

It is a stalling tactic and will avail her campaign nothing but the ire of al the delegates who were selected using Texas funky process. It is the same process that Texas has used before and will probably use again and she refuses to admit that she just might have lost in the overall delegate count.

Now hear me out on this. I saw a couple of emails from the Clinton organization here in Texas to the GLBT community to make sure there were plenty of Clinton supporters at every precinct convention. These letters encourages Clinton supporters to not only attend but to try to gain control of the meetings so they could sway things a little their way. They didn’t encourage anything unlawful, but they were intent on firing up the “zeal” factor in order to make sure Clinton delegates were firmly in her camp.

Guess what? Despite the fervor, she lost Dallas County and several other big cities in Texas, and that pissed her campaign off. Now they want to make Texans lives miserable in any way they can in hopes of squeezing a few more delegates out and narrowing her gap with Senator Obama. She also wants to delay the conventions until after Pennsylvania in hopes of a win there causing some Obama delegates to stay home and change the results.

It won’t work. She is looking more and more like a voracious Washington politician who wants to win at any cost. If she kills off any enthusiasm in the Democratic Party or kills the party itself, she doesn’t care. She is exactly the kind of politician that has brought the country to where it is now. Divisive, greedy and self-serving. She is wrong for the Democratic Party and wrong for America.

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