Monday, March 17, 2008

Another 1.5 Million Poison Toys From China! Yippie!

Once again the toy marketer Mattel is issuing a massive recall. This time it’s for 1.5 million toys believed to contain high levels of lead in the paint. And where were these toys made? CHINA of course.

You won’t get much on this recall in the media, after all they are bored with the story. I wonder how many other recalls have gone unnoticed in the past year, simply because it is “old news”?

I also wonder when Mattel and others will lose so much money that they will consider either closer monitoring of their suppliers, or bringing the manufacture back home to the US? China is incapable of monitoring its regulations on toxic ingredients, be it toys or pharmaceuticals. Our country needs to do some serious soul searching and decide whether trade with such a dangerous supplier is worth the risks.

I understand there is a move in the US Congress to demand some action on the part of manufacturers. We’ll see.

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