Thursday, June 03, 2010

Saudis Investigate Sinfulness of MTV Program

Saudi Arabia, the repressive kingdom we call our allie has started a new inquisition.  This time it is into an MTV program. On the show, a documentary crew followed a trio of young Saudis around in their adventures. 

Now these people are vocal in their desire to reform the fundamentalist theocratic laws of the country.  The girl of the group makes her own colorful abayas which she wears and sells to her friends.  She dresses like a boy so she can ride a bicycle, something not permitted for women.

Well, now their reality show has them in hot water and the authorities are investigating the show for its sinfulness.  Yes that is the expression they used, "sin".  Now this all comes after the rulers of the kingdom have stated openly they are considering reforms. 

Does anyone else see the parallels between this kind of repressed fundamentalism and our own Christian right?

And we call these folks allies?  OK, Saudi Arabia has long been our pusher.  They supply the highest grade oil to feed our addiction, but they are far from friendly.  Just like a drug dealer, once we stop buying, they will no longer care a fig about us. 

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