Saturday, June 05, 2010

Gallup Poll Shows More American's Approve of Gay and Lesbian Relations Than Ever

This one almost sneaked by.  Gallup did a survey of American's Acceptance of Gay and Lesbian Relations and for the first time the folks who come down on the LGBT side are over 50%.  The group who consider our relationships "morally wrong" dropped to 43%.  That is the lowest percentage since the survey was started 10 years ago.

What is really interesting to me is the breakdown of this survey.  Women's approval passed 50%  last year and their approval rating increased only 2 percentage points since 2006.  Men however, made real strides.  Since 2006 their approval rating jumped 14 percentage points.  That may just mean the Metrosexuals are more than a rumor!  The change however is mostly among men under 50 years old. 

No surprise that acceptance among Democrats and Independents was the most visible but one eye raiser was the number of Catholics who apparently have changed their minds.  It's a 16 percentage point jump, more than 3 times that of Protestants.

I guess we are making progress?  My suspicion is that the visibility of LGBT people in the media and politics is helping to make straight folks more comfortable with us and that can only be a good thing!  God bless Will and Grace.

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