Friday, June 04, 2010

Anyone Have Anything On This Homophobe?

It's time we started actively looking for dirt on these holier-than-thou right wing asshats. Take this guy as a case in point.  Brent Bozell, a spokesperson for the "Media Research Center" a right-wing propaganda group, is outraged that the TV show Glee portrays its homophobic bullies in a bad light.  And just how would he make these characters lovable?

Like so many outspoken opponents of LGBT rights, I wonder when we are going to find out that there might be a few skeletons in a well locked closet somewhere?  It seems that every week a new homophobe is caught with his pants down in a restroom, or hiring "rent boys" for European vacations.  I just wonder if Mr. Bozell might have a few secrets of his own.  Just sayin.

Here is his bio if it rings any bells with anyone, after all he is a University of Dallas graduate.  If so, let me know.  I feel sure my readers would find it fascinating.

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