Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rand Paul Violates Copyright Law - Rush (The Band) Not Amused

The walking train wreck that is Rand Paul has slammed into another PR obstacle.  Paul's campaign has been using the music of the Canadian band Rush as background in a fund raising video.  The band is not amused.

Using music without a license in a political advertisement is a violation of copyright law.  Not the kind of thing a potential Governor should be doing.  Additionally, in an ironic twist the band is not even American! 

Paul continues to make missteps and though they might not be big, after his comments about Civil Rights, birthright and a few other choice peccadilloes the press is waiting with baited breath for him to stumble again.

He shoots and SCORES!  Keep it up Rand and you will end up as a bit on Saturday Night Live.  That did wonders for Ross Perott and Sarah Palin!

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