Friday, May 07, 2010

Peter LaBarbera Hates - The Southern Poverty Law Center

If you have never heard of the Southern Poverty Law Center, you should.  They play a vital part in protecting your freedoms and specifically tracking groups that would infringe on them.  For years the SPLC has kept a list of hate groups.  These include blatant ones like the Ku Klux Klan to the more subtle ones like Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. That last group lead by the infamous Peter LaBarbara spreads venom regarding LGBT people at a furious rate.  Their "reports" are often cited by other fringe hate groups like the Family Research Council and their like.

LaBarbera is not happy being on that list and so is trying furiously to discredit the SPLC.  Apparently in one of their briefs they confused LaBarbera with Paul Cameron the psychologist expelled from the American Psychological Association for refusing to cooperate in their investigation of how Cameron was distorting other researchers work. 

That confusion aside, LaBarbera frequently has quoted Cameron and they are both cut from the same homophobic cloth.  Pam's House Blend has more.

Meanwhile, take a look at the SPLC Hate Map.  You will notice that my state, The Great State of Texas, seems to have more hate groups than any other.  Whoopee!  We're number one!

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