Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Far Right Baptist Minister Hires Rent Boy!

OK, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the biggest homophobes around gets caught hiring a male escort from Rentboy.com.  Or maybe it should surprise you, after all how stupid is this guy to think that using such a blatant and public service would go unnoticed?

George Alan Rekers, a Baptist Minister and well known co-founder of the Family Research Council took a trip to Bermuda recently.  Rather than go to the sunny island alone he hired what the web site describes as a man with a "smooth, sweet, tight ass...with a perfectly built 8 inch cock (uncut)"and "up for anything".

Rekers claims he hired the escort strictly to help with carrying baggage....and I suspect he also has a bridge to Brooklyn to sell us as well!

When are the gullible followers of these conservative hypocrites figure out how they are being betrayed and lied to on just about every level?  More in this article from Miami New Times.

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Anonymous said...

The worst offenders of individual rights, especially gay rights, frequently turn out to be the biggest scaremongers and "toe tapping" homosexuals themselves. The ones who say the most and preach a nefarious hatred of the LGBT community more than likely have their own sexual "issues" and need to deflect suspicion away from themselves. This latest revelation is just another example of how hypocrites weasel their way into power using God and scripture as a fuel for their own malevolence and hire rent boys to carry their bags and give daily “massages” and feel righteous and act defamed when found discovered. Move over bishops and priest…the depravity train has another passenger