Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Flordia Teacher Removed From Post For "Wizardry"!

Ah, Florida. One of the most beautiful states in the country with some of the dumbest people God ever put on this earth. In the town of Land O’Lakes a teacher showed his class a mgic trick where he made a toothpick disappear.

In the middle of the day he got a call from the supervisor telling him basically to clear out his desk. Apparently a student accused the teacher of “wizardry”. Say what?

It seems that this intellectual backwater actually takes a charge of “wizardry” seriously and has removed from his teaching position. The teacher Jim Piculas told reporters that he worries he will be unable to find another teaching position in the state.

Now all you people who want to break the Democratic Party rules and seat the Florida delegation, even though the election was held in violation of party rules, remember this incident. Any place where they believe slight of hand is really magic, would believe almost anything. Perhaps not seating the Florida delegation might really boost the combined IQ of the Democratic Party?

Kidding aside, this kind of crap is what results when you have school boards ruled by home-schooled fundamentalists and not educators. Welcome to the new dark ages!

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