Monday, May 05, 2008

Hillary Camp Threatens Nuclear Option To Get The Nomination

As I have long though Hillary Clintons ego and ambition know no bounds. Her campaign today confirmed that they are willing to use what the Huffington Post has called the "nuclear option" in winning the democratic nomination. That means seating the Florida and Michigan delegates in violation of the rules.

How can they do it? Well they have pro-Clinton members of the rules committee who will simply finagle the rules to allow the delegates to be seated. Forcing the seating of delegates from states that clearly violated the rules, and states where Obama did not campaign and was not even on the ballot since these states violated the party rules would be a disaster. It might secure Hillary enough delegates, but it would split the Democratic Party in two. It would infuriate the 48 states who played by the rules and assure a complete mess at the convention.

A big fight at the convention will drive away potential Democratic voters and lose the election for Democrats, but Hillary doesn’t care. She wants her nomination, damn it and to hell with the party or fair play or rules!

I can assure Ms. Clinton she will not receive my vote nor that of any of my friends should she pull this dirty trick and I will just suffer through 4 more years of Bush or his proxy, McCain rather than see her win by dirty Washington tricks!

Passionate statement? You betcha! It is sure to piss off my fellow Democrats but it’ s not only the way I feel, it will have the effect I predict. I will continue to campaign for Obama and work on local races. I will vote straight Democratic ticket for everyone but the president and in that category, should Clinton pull her dirty trick to get the nomination, I will abstain.

Should she win the nomination legitimately, that will be a different story. However, it looks like she cannot win in a fair fight. We will see.

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