Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FBI Agents Raid Bush Appointee’s Home & Office

It seems that now as the Bush administration is winding down the FBI and other government agencies have come out of their shells. Today the FBI raided the offices of Special Council Scott Bloch. They seized his records and computers in an ongoing investigation into obstruction of justice by Mr. Bloch during the course of a 2006 inquiry into his conduct.

Bloch was supposed to be looking into the use of government resources by Karl Rove during the 2006 election. Bloch also has other investigations going on regarding his conduct as well. Since 2005 he has been under investigation for improperly retaliating against employees who disagreed with his policies, such as that “federal employees are not protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation”.

My biggest question is when will the FBI go after Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush gang?

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