Friday, April 11, 2008

Michael Savage - Scumbag, Liar, Talk Show Host

Radio talk show host Michael Savage is a scum bag. Want proof? Media Matters posted a clip from his April 3rd broadcast where he hauls out the lie that Obama is actually a stealth Muslim. This guy is too much!

Savage is known for his ridiculous statements and is surpassed only by Ann Coulter as a lying gasbag, but to bring up this lie again after it has been not only proven to be false, but traced to GOP operatives trying to smear Obama with an e-mail whisper campaign is beyond belief.

Here is a quote from this jerk.

SAVAGE: Doesn't it bring back beautiful feelings, compared to the filth that they play now? They're simple. Who would put on a white sportscoat today? He'd get his head stomped. Look who we inherited in this country, from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Hussein Obama, in one generation. A war hero to -- a war hero who commanded the Allied operations against Nazi Germany was running for the presidency then. Now we have an unknown stealth candidate who went to a madrassas in Indonesia and, in fact, was a Muslim despite what Straw Hair will tell you on Softball. Yes, check it out.


Anonymous said...

This is the same person who said Ms. Clinton is Satanic

Anonymous said...

So will you still be against Michael Savage if Obama actually is a stealth Muslim?

It is scary at the uproar by liberals to his actual middle name, Hussein.

His father and step-father were Muslims.

And he sat for 20 years with a pastor who is a bigot and racist. I guess that doesn't count either.

Lets see if you censor this. It is factually accurate and honest opinion.

Hardy Haberman said...

Honest opinion maybe, but factual, hardly. YOu paint with too broad a brush, "Anonymous" when you try to imply the Obama is Muslim because of his name.

My father and grandfather were Jewish, but I am Christian. Does that make me a secret "Zionist Conspirator"?

People are affraid of people with different sounding names because of the same bigotry you accuse Pastor Wright of having. If you actually listened to his full sermon and not the sound bite, you would understand he was not delivering a "hate America" message, but he was speaking in a prophetic warning voice, urging our great country to change course and live up to the full promise it has.

This of course will be lost on you because it might take more than a few seconds to memorize. I suggest using the wonderful brain we are all given by our creator to examine our lives, our faith and our path in the world. It's more fun than just being scared and angry.

I appologize if I have over generalized and please continue reading my blog. All opinions are welcome, however I will not publish hate speech and slander.

Anonymous said...

I feel the idea of this is a stretch, but we should all be open to hearing what one and other have to say without having to accuse either side of bigotry or hate speech. This applies to right and left. In my opinion, it degrades your argument to use words like "scumbag" and "liar" as a heading though. But apparently it's okay when your talking about a talk show host? Must we all join in the finger pointing? Why can't we just listen and decide for ourselves? Why focus on the delivery and not on the issue?

I try and listen to it all - left and right. It's frustrating to hear good points of view distorted by bad arguments. This applies on both sides. Each has a viable stance, and a free place in this country no doubt, but what I gather is they are arguing their points of view in entirely the wrong manner. I most definitely do not believe it's our job or anyone else's to tell them how they should argue. Just pick up a phone and call in. That's what makes it interesting anyways. The forums open to argue right there in real time. Cheers all - and may we find some peace between the two sides.

Hardy Haberman said...

OK I publish comments from these people named anonymous who criticize me for not being open? Leave your name next time and your argument will hold more water, and Savage is not expressing "another side of the story" he is lying.

He is not intent on exploring truth, only pushing propaganda.

Justin said...

Fair enough. I know a lot more about you than me. (but just to clarify, I'm not the first anonymous here, I'm the second anonymous guy). I don't accuse you of not being open. I do believe you have an argument against Savage. In my opinion, it degrades your argument to argue it in the manner you have. "Radio talk show host Michael Savage is a scum bag. Want proof?"

He's pushing his own propaganda if you want to phrase it that way and people deserve a right to make that distinction for themselves. I suppose I'm applying this to a larger argument, with regards to people requesting "fairness in talk radio". You made no mention of that, but I drew the distinction because of my own issues. We've all got em. What is it that you would prefer Savage do differently other than express is own opinion?

Propaganda: I saw an old WWII poster in a Burger King just the other day. It showed B2 Bomber flying through red and white striped clouds and it read "BUY BONDS FOR BOMBS". People used to know what there dollars went to. We have no clue now. What's really propaganda? Just an after thought :)

Mark said...

It is really amazing how lacking in simple reason, logic and even slightly critical thought process the right wing has become.

I have listened to Savage for some time now (on occasion only to hear what his type is ranting about). If you remember a few years back when his whole show was composed of bogus callers which were part of his show but he tried to portray them as regular callers, a really honest type.

Hitler and Stalin (among others) discovered that the big lie is better then little falsehoods when spreading your false propaganda and Savage is a real practioner of this school of thought.

Anyway talking to the far right is like talking to a wall or monkey, they act like a thinking biped but they are not so why bother.


Justin said...

"It is really amazing how lacking in simple reason, logic and even slightly critical thought process the right wing has become. "

I once hear Savage comment that the increase in liberal thinking could be due to the lack of dairy in the diet. The anti-milk campaign - causing more liberals. Now, in no way do I agree, I actually thought it was kinda funny, but in all honestly...thats exactly what critical thinking is.

"I have listened to Savage for some time now (on occasion only to hear what his type is ranting about)."

Exactly one of my pet peeves, your listening to hear what you want to hear. When I tune into the radio, on whatever station it may be - so called liberal - or so called conservative, I'm listening to hear a different perspective. One that challenges mine and puts me in check. I always assume, yes assume, that any person has something valuable to say regardless of who they are or who I may think they are. Those were the values my extremely liberal mother raised me on. We all have biases we fall victim to in our train of thought. The sooner we admit that to ourselves the easier it becomes to open your mind. Your open minded aren't you? The type of thinking your advocating based upon your comments is entirely wrong and in my opinion is even more dangerous than Michael Savages rants and raves (of which many I do not agree with). He's just one man, but your thought process is shared with a huge majority of people that I encounter here in Marin County. And from many of the people I hear calling into radio stations, it sounds similar to what your saying as well. Basically, from what I read, you think if it comes from the right, its either a lie or lacks any fact or critical thought process whatsoever therefore must be discredited. That my friend, is sad and I challenge you to challenge your own opinion from time to time. What's the harm? We have freedom of speech, but practice freedom of thought too. Your thoughts are yours, and the moment you discredit an opinion (right, left, right or wrong) based on who said it, is the moment your lost your open mindedness. What do you think? Are you going to squirm your way and somehow make your argument right in your eyes when/if you reply or are you going to actually consider that maybe your a tad close minded to some things and that I might have a point.

Hardy Haberman said...

Funny how this thread has more comments than any other?

Here is my point. If you listen to someone who says the "Earth is Flat!" you don't seriously consider his opinion. Why? Well, he is speaking either from ignorance or has some other agenda.

I lump Savage in that category. I love well reasoned debate. I was a big fan of William F Buckley because he was thoughtful and always a good source for a critical opinion. Savage is no Buckley!

He, like Ann Coulter is a poseur. They make outrageous comments only to get reaction. They are not conservative thinkers, just loud mouthed provocateurs. I have enough drama in my life without adding a time to "thoughtfully consider" the opinions of Michael Savage or Ann Coulter.

Now, I do agree that we often read what I want to read, but I still look at "real" conservative voices like the Wall Street Journal and the National Review.

And so I will end this thread with this note. Thanks for commenting. I get so few I often wonder if anyone reads my blog at all.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage AKA Micheale Wiener is an angry little man. He is educated but when he applied to be a dean of a college and was not chosen it was because they those who did not choose him were AntiSemetic.when his son ran for office in California and was not elected he stated it was for the same reason. This guy has more excuses that carter has pills lets face it he is a money grubbing pig like Limbaugh or Glenn Beck Laughing all the way to the bank. Personally these fear mongers on rightwingnut radio make me want to puke. I can generally only listen to them 3-5 minutes before I have to change the channel they are so blatantly lying and stupid people who calls themselves conservatives believe their BS.It just goes to show you PT Barnum was right A sucker is born every minute