Friday, April 11, 2008

GLBT Athletes Should Boycott China Olympics

Could you think of a worse place to host an event meant to celebrate the achievements of athletes and harmony of the world community? My short list would have China at the top. Their record for human rights violations is so long it cannot be listed here. Their record on totalitarian control is staggering.

Gay rights advocates in China face extreme problems. Though the government has changed the legal status of gays and lesbians, they still routinely oppress the community with raids and harassment. Arrests are made for “solicitation” in lieu of “homosexuality” but the intent of the arrest and the Chinese legal system are stacked against LGBT people.

I remember years ago listening to a speaker who said that capitalism would democratize China. I guess he is having to eat his words now. Capitalism can exist quite well with a fascist regime, and in fact often thrives under one. China is a shining example of how well a countries economy can flourish while its people are oppressed.

All things considered, a boycott of the Olympics not only makes sense, but is inevitable. It’s time GLBT athletes forgo the lust for gold medals and stand with their Chinese brothers and sisters.

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