Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Really Has More Experience, Clinton or Obama?

So let’s talk experience. A lot is being made by the Clinton campaign over Obama’s alleged lack of experience. Well that is begging the question about Hillary herself.

Clinton was elected Senator from New York in 2000. She won reelection and has since served a couple of years into her second term. Prior to being elected the junior senator from New York she held no elected office. That would be about 8 years “experience” as an elected official. To include her years as First Lady is deceptive, since that is neither an elected position nor a policy making position.

Senator Barack Obama served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004 and has been the Junior Senator from Illinois since then. That would add up to almost 11 years of service as an elected official which if my meager math abilities serve me is longer than 8 years. He also worked as a community organizer and Civil Rights lawyer which gives him a great deal of experience in the real world.

Now, if you want to throw in her years as First Lady of Arkansas and in the White House, Hillary has been around the power structure of government for a long time. The problem I have is precisely that. She is part of the Washington problem. She is deeply entrenched in politics as usual and that is precisely what our country does not need any more of.

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