Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Parsing Her Words Again - Taking The Low Road

Hillary is parsing her words concerning the photo that has been circulated recently of her opponent Barack Obama. The picture shows Obama in a turban and traditional Kenyan garb as he visited the country back in 2006. Instead of flatly denying that her campaign sent the photo to muckraker the Drudge Report she said, "I know nothing about it." Clinton told ABC affiliate WFAA, "This is in the public domain. But let's just stop and ask yourself: 'Why are you -- why is anybody concerned about this?'"

Turning the question around is a common tactic to avoid the real issue. Her campaign has already been guilty of sending out emails that characterize Obama as a Muslim. He is not, he is a Christian and member of the United Church of Christ. The turban photo is an attempt a guilt by association and for her to deny knowing any reason why it would be a problem is laughable and very telling.

Hillary’s campaign is taking the low road and it make the whole Democratic Party look bad. Shame on you Hillary!

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