Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton Campaign Uses Another Dirty Trick - Tries The GOP Tactic Against Obama

The Clinton campaign is showing just how the “politics as usual crowd” in Washington works. IN an amazingly crass move they published a photo of Barack Obama wearing traditional Kenyan clothing that was taken a couple of years ago when the Senator visited Kenya. Why is this a big deal? Well the picture shows Obama in a turban, and though anyone with a little intelligence knows that is just another hat, the intellectually non-curious voter will no doubt make the connection that “turban = terrorist”.

If that was not the intent of the Hillary camp, why did they publish the photo?

They are stooping to the kind of smear tactics that really show what kind of leader Hillary would be. She is willing to use any tactic necessary to win, and that puts her squarely in the George Bush/Karl Rove school of politics. Though she claims to be an agent of change, this kind of crap tells the truth about her. She is just another slick politician and that is exactly what our country does not need. We have had one dynasty after another of slick politicians and now we need a leader.

Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself and more specifically, you should not be President of the United States!

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