Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Oscars - Catty Comments

OK, I just can’t resist making a few catty comments. Hey, it’s the Academy Awards!

Worst Dress - Tilda Swinton, winner of the best supporting actress, should win the award for the worst dress. Looking like she was outfitted in a black plastic trash bag with a hair style that seemed as if the stylist was interrupted while working.

Best dress - Marion Cotillard in a fabulous white gown that out glamoured any other so far.

Worst Hair on a Guy – Colin Farrell – with long shaggy hair that looks like something a homeless person would wear. Why do the really handsome guys have bad stylists?

Worst Jewelry – Nicole Kidman, wearing what looked like pieces of a chandelier casually strung across her chest.

So many more, but it’s late!

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