Thursday, February 14, 2008

Victim Of Hate Crime - Now Brain Dead in LA

If you ever needed an example of how hate can destroy people, consider the case of 15 year old Lawrence King of Oxnard, California. Lawrence often dressed in effeminate clothes and wore make up occasionally as well as feminine jewelry. His gender bending did not go unnoticed, and he was often taunted by schoolmates. That al culminated in an argument with a boy at the school. The result was Lawrence being shot in the head and back as he was sitting in the school’s computer lab. He now lies in a hospital on a ventilator, clinically brain dead.

Lawrence was open about being gay, and for some students that was just too much. His assailant has been apprehended by the police and will now probably be charged with a hate crime and first degree murder.

Hate has destroyed not just the victims life, but that of his assailant and both families and friends. Like a virus, hate infects everyone it touches and the results are often tragic. Perhaps the people who preach hate will consider the long term effects evident in this case before continuing to encourage people in their prejudices.

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