Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Burnt Orange Texas Progressive Blog Endorses Obama

I rarely reprint press releases, but this one is worthy!

The editorial staff of the popular Texas political blog, Burnt Orange Report announced on their website Monday that they will endorse Senator Barack Obama for United States President. The full text of their endorsement is below, and may also be found on their website -

Our hope for our country is that people will once again believe that government can be an instrument of good.

Our hope for our country is that people will set aside their fears of progress to see that we are all capable of good.

Our hope for our country is that people will remember that though we are many voices, we are all one body and one spirit, united in the common pursuit of an American dream where there are no limits to what we can achieve when we work together for the good of each other.

Senator Barack Obama understands these hopes. He believes in these hopes, and he is mobilizing a nation to achieve these hopes together. Burnt Orange Report endorses Senator Barack Obama for United States President, and the hope he brings to our country.

President Bush - a fellow Texan - has led our country down the wrong path. He lied to us, spied on us, and divided us. His mark on the Office of the President is not so much a footprint, but a long spur-treaded line splitting our country into millions of single units for his own control, his own failed ideas, and his own power.

President Bush turned this country against itself, and the first thing that must be done on January 20, 2009, is for the American people to realize that we can become one again. Senator Obama will make that happen.

Senator Obama's message of hope and change has given all of us something to believe in. Voters are coming to the polls in record numbers not because there is an African-American on the ballot, or because there is a woman on the ballot, but because they see change on the ballot.

The change we desire is meaningful. Trading Republican lobbyists and insiders for Democratic lobbyists and insiders is not change. Putting "me" before "we" in a discussion about who can best lead the country is not change.

For too long, Americans have sought out and voted for "leaders" who do little more than provide technical fixes to complex solutions. A technical change cannot heal our country.

The change we need must be adaptive. It must be a change that challenges Americans to look at the loyalties in our lives and, more importantly, the loyalties in the lives of those around us. It must be a change that looks into the hearts and minds of the American people, brings all the factions to the table, and helps us remember how to work together. It must be a change in how we define Presidential leadership.

Presidential leadership requires not a singular individual in the Oval Office, but an entire country mobilized behind an idea.

Presidential leadership is more than a vision; it is a system of actions that deliversprogress for everyone. Presidential leadership must bring everyone together to believe that YES WE CAN provide health care to every American, YES WE CAN solve the crisis of climate change, YES WE CAN live in a global world where America is the ally, and not the enemy, of our foreign neighbors, and YES WE CAN dream again of an America we are all proud to call our home.

Our next President must demonstrate the leadership to show Americans and the world that YES WE CAN believe in the best of each and every one of us. Senator Barack Obama is that leader, he will make that change possible, and he is the candidate we endorse for the next President of the United States of America.

P.S. A poll of Burnt Orange Report readers show over 75% support for Barack Obama.

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