Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clinton Campaign Manager Is Ousted

After Obama has taken Maine it seems that the Clinton Campaign has blinked. The seemingly unwavering Clinton machine has hit a snag and is changing leadership to try to revive things. Patti Solis Doyle has stepped down as Senator Clinton’s campaign manager and will be replaced by Maggie Williams, a senior Clinton adviser.

From my experience campaigns do not make these kind of changes unless things are not going well both in public and behind the scenes. Stay tuned, I think it’s going to get exciting.


Andee said...

Any American, with any smarts, can and will figure out why this move came at this time in the campaign. HRC figures she has the Spanish vote tied up and she is hopeful her new manager will swing the black vote away from Obama and Huckabee.

She is all that is written of her, corrupt, sneaky, underhanded, dishonest and more.

Gramma Jo said...

The blame game won't work. It's not the campaign manager Hillary, it's you. Yes, every mother wants to protect it's young but Chelsea is not a child, so back up you come off looking like an indignant fool. Keep Willy out of it. He adds nothing and detracts from the stance of an independent woman. The two of you are only fooling yourselves. You are in it for the power trip and a woman scorned vindetta. That is the flaw lady. Vengence burns the vessel from within and it's obvious.