Friday, February 15, 2008

Judge Wants Answers - Justice Department Wants No More Questions!

Seems the Bush folks just can’t have enough secrecy, even when the cat is out of the bag. Those destroyed tapes showing CIA torturing detainees are in the news again. A federal judge ordered the White House to tell him whether the tapes that were destroyed were relevant to a case before him. The reply from the White House, or in this case the Justice Department?

Stop asking questions!

According to the Washington Post, the Justice Department has encouraged judges not to seek information about the tapes. US District Judge Richard Roberts is not impressed, and has ordered the Justice Department to turn over evidence. The deadline was yesterday, and the DOJ has asked for an extension of the deadline.

Such petulance to give evidence suggests guilt to me. No surprise since the administration has consistently tap danced around these issues from the beginning, first denying torture, then admitting it. Sounds like at least one judge wants a real answer.

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