Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Naked Festival" Posters Pulled From Japanese Railways

Looks like a Japanese bear party to me! The ancient festival called Somin in Japan advertises it’s main event with posters on Japanese trains, but this year the railway refused saying the posters amounted to sexual harassment.

According to Mainichi Daily News:

"The Oshu Municipal Government had sought permission from the Morioka branch of JR East to display the posters advertising Kokuseki Temple’s Somin Festival at stations, but JR East said the posters could not be displayed unless the images were changed.

"As sexual harassment becomes more of a problem, the standards for displaying posters in public spaces are becoming stricter," a representative of the Morioka branch of JR East explained. "It wasn’t just that it was out of line because there was nakedness; the pictures showed things that were particularly unpleasant for women, such as chest hair, and it was decided that showing them things they didn’t want to see was sexual harassment."

I just want to find out how to get there next year!

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