Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globes or Lead Balloon?

The Golden Globes looked more like the commentary on a sports show last night as the once glittering affair turned into a tag-team press conference with Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood" and Mary Hart of "Entertainment Tonight". With little fanfare and no acceptance speeches, the awards took all of one hour to announce. The audience was unseen and mostly consisted of the press.

Why the toned down affair? Well unless you are living under a rock, it was the latest success by the Writers Guild strike! The WGA successfully convinced their brothers and sisters in the Screen Actors Guild to agree to not cross their picket lines. Thus a glittering red carpet and searchlight affair looked more like an edition of "Access Hollywood".

On a positive note, the program ended on time!

Additionally the Directors Guild may be reaching an agreement with the producers regarding internet royalties and if they do, it could signal a possible solution for the WGA and the producers as well. We’ll see!

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