Friday, January 18, 2008

Jonah Goldberg, Nazi Happy Faces & A Daily Show

Watching the chopped up interview with Jonah Goldberg on “A” Daily Show the other night I realized just what was happening. Jon Steward prefaced the segment with the statement that the interview ran 18 minutes and it was going to be “choppy as hell”, but what he failed to mention was that Goldberg was a tool of the Neocon machine. His book, “Liberal Fascism” is an attempt to redefine the term “Progressive” in the same way the right has redefined “liberal”.

Stewart even says toward the end of the segment, “can we use any of this?” I suspect he is referring to the impossible task of trying to get Goldberg to admit what his agenda really is. He is remarkably adroit at staying on message even in the face of absolute proof that he is wrong. His equating Mussolini with progressivism is beyond ridiculous, it’s patently false and yet he defends it with a smile.

Stewart was faced with the problem of trying to explain how silly Goldberg sounded even while Goldberg denied his own premise. No wonder the interview went on 18 minutes!

The crux of all this is a glimpse of the lies and distortions we can expect to see in the coming year from the GOP and their toadies. We will see Obama painted as a Muslim, which he is not. Hillary painted as a shrew, which she is not and everyone else tainted as a “Liberal or Progressive” as though it is a dirty word. Stay tuned.

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