Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giuliani Trails Ron Paul In Primary - Huh?

Romney wins Michigan! Big news? I don’t think so. He only gets half the delegates he would had the state not moved their primary up in violation of both party rules. Additionally, look at the results for the other candidates in the GOP. McCain second and Huckabee third….and where’s Giuliani? Well, he ran behind the slightly wacko Ron Paul and just ahead of “uncommitted”.

If memory serves, wasn’t Rudy the guy to beat? Wasn’t he “America’s Mayor” and the almost preordained GOP nominee? Not so much apparently. I think the public is tired of his mantra of “9-11” and ready to move on. Now maybe so should he.

Rudy has spent around $40 million in his quest and he can’t do better? That should tell him something, but I know politicians egos are often much larger than their common sense. So, over the next few weeks we can expect to hear more “9-11” from Giuliani and watch him slowly slide into oblivion.

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