Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson as Willie Loman - Death of a GOP Salesman?

Has anyone noticed except me? Every time I look at Fred Thompson I keep seeing Willie Loman. Fred is a candidate perusing a dream that is just not going to happen. I knew it the moment I saw him speak and I think everyone else knows it as well.

Thompson might be a good actor and a nice guy, but he is not a President. Of course the same could be said for George Bush, the fake folksy stuff qualifies as acting, the problem is he actually is President. How the hell that happened is a matter for discussion. For Thompson, his dream of the White House seems driven as much by the hopes of the GOP to find a movement conservative who could carry the primaries as his zeal to win. The word zeal is misplaced here, because when I listen to him speak, I can’t help hearing that tired edge to his voice. His platitudes are equally as tired and overall he looks like a candidate on the way out.

The news media is expecting his “I am dropping out” speech soon. Besides, who could vote for that face?
UPDATE: And Willie Loman goes off quietly into the night. Fred Thompson has dropped out of the GOP race.

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