Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bush Divorce Saga Now Involves The Queen?

The latest rumor comes courtesy of the Globe Magazine. Once again the supermarket tabloid features a cover story about the alleged Bush divorce. This time Bush is blasting the Queen of England for meddling in his divorce. This one is so outrageous it had me laughing in the checkout line. I have a vision of the Queen giving George a "motherly" talking to. Maybe that's why he made the gaff and said she had been around since 1776?

So far no one has any facts to back this up, but I keep checking just in case. I think it is another sign of the dissatisfaction of Americans with the Presidency of George Bush. I guess they only wish the rumors were true.

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Anonymous said...

I read the tabloid article and was disgusted by Bush's supposed blowup. According to the article, the Queen said that she and Prince Philip had weathered maritial difficulties and that her thoughts were with them. Banal stuff, really. Polite sympathy. Bush told her that he was the President of the U.S. and the Queen should clean up her own family scandals before she advised him on his marriage.
The air of the article was that George W. Bush struck a blow for American freedom from the tyranical British. A great patriot. Humpf and humbug!

If Bush really blew his stack, the kindest thing I can say is that his private life has put him under too much strain to properly lead his nation.
1) He insulted another head of state. A guest of his country. Queen Elizabeth reigns over Great Britain. She is also Queen of neighbouring Canada. Poor diplomacy, George W. We're not insignificant.
2) He was rude to an 81 year old woman. Most impolite, and juvenile. The Queen has put in a lot more years of public service than Pres. Bush. She, her husband, children, sister, mother and uncle have been the target of the tabloids since she was crowned. That tight-lipped look comes from repressing her anger in public because she represents her realm. She cannot be a private person because she must not be one. You ought to emulate that, Mr. President. You at least ought to respect her. She's borne more than you, and she's borne that more with dignity and restraint.

Now, this assumes tabloid articles hold a bit of truth. True or not, the Globe's gleeful tone and Bush's supposed statement that he is President and can do as he sees fit with his country showed arrogance. If the US is the leader of the free world, the 'free world' has the right and obligation to advise and comment upon its 'leader'. If the Queen offered more than sympathy, she's got the right as a concerned citizen of the 'free world' to do so.
The American president should not sound like a tyrant. Saying you can do as you please in your sandbox because you own the sandbox? Wasn't there question as to how you acquired it? Mr. Bush, the President of the United States does not own the sandbox. You've leased it for eight years from your constituents. I wish they would stop applauding every guy who insults or shoots 'foreigners'.

Neither the Queen nor her family hold power. Influence, but that's waning. The scandals of Prince Charles or Prince William don't affect the fate of nations. The US President has been accused of canoodling with his Secretary of State. What a conflict of interest, if true! What an impact on national and international affairs! Caesar, your Secretary of State should also be seen to be above reproach.