Monday, May 21, 2007

Mayoral Candidate Leppert Not Even A Resident Of Dallas

Funny that a guy who wants to be mayor of Dallas doesn't even live in the city. Tom Leppert, a candidate who has the dubious endorsement of the Dallas Morning News, wants to be mayor of Dallas but he lives in Park Cities. Talk about absentee landlord scenarios! This rich elitist wants to be the mayor of a city he won't deign to live in. Too déclassé I guess?

Top it off with the fact that Leppert has contributed to both the Bush campaign and the campaign of Pete Sessions, and the real story is clear. He is a Republican stooge. Top that off with the Robo-calls made by an anonymous campaign, (Leppert's) trashing his opponents and trying to "gay bash" Ed Oakley and it's the same dirty tricks the GOP pulls at the national level.

The mayoral race is supposed to be non-partisan, but face it, it's not. Oakley is a democrat and Leppert is a Republican. The real question is do we want the corrupt leadership style of the GOP invading Dallas city management or not. Oakley is a Dallasite, and he has a history of working on the city council and for Dallas interests. Leppert is not a resident and has no allegiance to the city or it's interests.

Ed Oakley is gay. Big deal, that has never been an issue in his years of service to the city and it's citizens and it shouldn't be now. Vote for a candidate who lives in the city and cares about all Dallasites, not a rich CEO who supports the corruption and failed policies that have brought our national politics to the sad state it is in now.

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