Monday, December 03, 2007

Wolfowitz Is Back! Now WMD Intelligence Czar

Sometimes the old adage about the bad penny rings true. Take that perennial bad penny Paul Wolfowitz. He left the Bush administration much to the relief of many and ended up at the World Bank. There he became the center of a scandal and was forced to leave. And now, guess what? Back in the Bush administration.

I guess with the Bush folks, there is no such thing as burning a bridge, as long as you are loyal to our glorious leader. Wolfowitz is loyal. So, Bush created a new position that will not require Senate approval, and bingo, Wolfie is back!

The revolving door for criminals and cronies at the White House is a disgrace, but the Congress apparently has no problem with it. Write your Congressperson and let them know what is going on, I suspect they are living in an alternate reality and haven’t got a clue.

What's worse is the position he is in. Head of intelligence for WMD! If you recall he was deeply involved in the pumped up claims of Saddam's WMDs in the lead up to the war. Go figure?

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Brucifer said...

Well, of course the Shrub made up this job so he could bring back a loyal sycophant. He needs someone to oversee the manufacture - I mean investigation - of the evidence of WMDs that will justify next Summer's invasion of Iran.

But I'm not cynical . . .