Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Perry and Bachmann "Reassess" their Campaigns

After a really sad showing in Iowa, both Rick Perry and Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann are returning to their home states to "reasses" their campaigns. Perry announced he would not campaign in South Carolina, a sure sign he is essentially giving up.  His campaign garnered less than 10% of the total votes in Iowa.

Bachmann also called off her South Carolina trip and with a 5% showing in Iowa, it's a good idea.  The ever present Sarah Palin has even chimed in on the Bachmann campaign and said, "It's not her time".

Here's hoping it will never be Michelle Bachmann's  no Rick Perry's time.

UPDATE:  Crazy Eyes is out and just plain Crazy stays in.  Rick Perry tweets that he is going to South Carolina.  Sad really!

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