Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Hampshire Debate - Romney Fest!

As the remaining GOP candidates fought it out in New Hampshire, they neglected to do the one thing they should have and that is go after Mott Romney.  They seemed to almost avoid going after him and as the front runner he should have been the target.

Rick Perry, our brain dead governor, said little other than he would send troops back to Iraq.  He is obviously an empty suit and could do nothing but smile stupidly at the end of the stage.  His only other answer that I can remember was when asked what he would normally be doing on a Saturday night, he said, "I'd be at the gun range."  He also apparently believes that Iran can defy physics and "move at the speed of light."

Meanwhile Gingrich tried his best in the final minutes to toss a few grenades to Romney but failed to score, and Jon Huntsman actually ansered one question in Chinese!  What?

Overall another silly example of the GOP trying their best to avoid picking Romney as their candidate.

Oh yeah, and Rick Santorum is still a frothy mix!

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