Friday, December 30, 2011

Amazon and Barnes & Noble Pull Offensive Calendar

I just checked Amazon for the highly offensive "I'm not Gay I'm a Sissy" calendar and it is n ow gone!  Barnes & Noble pulled it earlier in the week responding to widespread outrage and customer complaints. 

No official word from Amazon but I wouldn't expect it.  They will just quietly hope the controversy dies out.

Meanwhile the cartoonist is still unrepentant for his homophobic and frankly tasteless cartoons.  Glad he is defending his bigotry instead of trying to deny it.  At least he is honest about that, unfortunately he was anything but honest in his deception of people living with AIDS and LGBT people.

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Anonymous said...

The creator of the calendar has lashed out about its being pulled.

Seems the Antigay Christian Joe King was terribly upset!

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richard h.
fort worth, texas, usa