Monday, December 05, 2011

Newt Gingrich Reiterates That The Poor Are Lazy

My guess is Newt Gingrich has never known a genuinely poor person in his life.  I do, and all of the ones I know work their asses off.  Some hold down two jobs and work longer hours that I ever have, yet they are scraping by.

In Newt's imaginary world, the poor are poor because they are lazy and have bad work habits.  His answer, fire janitors and hire school kids to do janitorial work. Excuse me? 

First, there are Child Labor Laws, and secondly, does he thing training poor kids to be janitors is any kind of answer to the pressing problems of poverty in America?  Additionally, though we see little of a janitor's work, they do a whole lot of things needed to keep a school working, not just pushing a broom.

Why not fire the bank executives and hire school kids to do their job.  I suspect in some cases a bright teenager could do a better job of running a company than the Bozos that steer Bank of America and other mega-corps into financial hot water.

Newt's incredible ignorance is here on CBS.  Maybe his name is really his IQ?  The same as a newt!

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