Saturday, December 10, 2011

Durban Brings Nothing Substantial - Except Assured Disaster

The countries of the world got together to do something about climate change and decided to do essentially - NOTHING!  A toothless agreement to limit carbon emissions emerged after China and the US agreed to some controls and a regrettably lame pact.

What is the news I’m going to take home to my flooded country?” Claudia Salerno, the lead negotiator for Venezuela, asked angrily. “This is nothing compared to the level of ambition that we require.”

China and India are dancing around the fact that they are anything but developing nations, and they don't want to limit CO2 emissions to the levels needed to prevent the global disaster that is coming.  Meanwhile the US is driven by competing ideologies and can't seem to accept the fact that climate change is happening and will get worse.

The whole global warming is a controversial theory is bullshit.  It is completely agreed upon by real scientists and it is happening every year,  this year alone saw 12 billion dollar+ weather disasters in the US along, almost twice the expected amount. 

I guess our world leaders are accepting that there is no agreement hey can come to and the poorer nations and coastal regions will just have to be destroyed.  A one meter rise in sea level which is predicted by 2050 if nothing is done will inundate most coastal areas of the world including New Jersey and New York.  But who cares about that?

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