Tuesday, December 06, 2011

If Corporations Are People, Then Halliburton Needs to Be Locked Up

Evidence has come to light that Halliburton intentionally destroyed evidence in the BP spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  In a federal court Monday, BP accused Halliburton of erasing the evidence that they used sub standard procedures when cementing the well that blew out spilling millions of gallons of oil into the gulf.

The destroyed records include computer modeling of the project and cementing procedures. 

So my question is this, if the Supreme Court treats corporations like individuals, then if Halliburton is convicted of destroying evidence, shouldn't the CEO and President go to jail for the crimes they (Halliburton as an individual) committed?

Give me one reason this shouldn't apply, and if not then lets set things straight, corporations are legal constructs, not individuals.  Enough of this foolishness.

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