Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Abilify - Side Effects with a Drug Attached?

I saw this commercial a few weeks ago and was astounded by the list of side effects, most of which include really nasty stuff including "death". It is used to treat schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, but I have to wonder if there aren't safer alternatives? This sounds like a new drug looking for a market more than anything, and I guess they figure patients who might use it just don't care about side effects.

Go figure.

Now, here is a clip from Andy Behrman, a former spokesperson for Bristol Myers Squibb who make the drug Abilify. This makes more sense than the drug makers video.

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lemur said...

I use Abilify for Schizo-affective disorder (a form of schizophrenia) and severe depression. I am lucky it works for me without the nasty side effects. I had tried just about every other anti-psycotic available and none of them worked for me. Even if I knew it sould cause my death in a certain time period, I would not go off it. Ithas made my life livable.

Yes, it can have nasty side effects including death. -- so do most of the other anti-psychotic drugs. Yes, it isn't right for everyone, but it is right for some of us and we should have access to it.